Synne Garff, international director, writer and priest:

Synne has worked for The Danish Bible Society since 2011 and has primary responsibility on fundraising materials and campaigns. Synne is a former host on national television and communications advisor for public and private companies in Denmark. Experienced in an intercultural context and crisis management. Sits on the European Board of the TV-station SAT-7 (with millions of viewers in MENA-region). Involved in the UN GOALS and FoRB (freedom of religion and belief) worldwide and peace projects. Ressource person in the Danish think tank for persecuted Christians. Synne has been on many field trips to conflictzones in Africa, Middle East, Central Asia, Asia and Caribbean. In addition to this Synne has written and contributed to more than 20 books. She has an MA in Italian language and culture, a supplementary degree in theology and is certified as Master Facilitator in Bible-based trauma healing from Trauma Healing Institute.